Connect MOTION with Google Assistant through IFTTT

MOTION blinds can be connected to Google Assistant through IFTTT. Please follow these instructions step-by-step.

It is not yet possible to connect your Google Assistant directly to MOTION Blinds. However, you can easily work around this by using IFTTT to connect MOTION Blinds to your Google Assistant. If you are not familiar with IFTTT, please find a description on how to use it here.

Start with creating a new applet on IFTTT. Choose Google Assistant as your service:

Select the Google Assistant trigger “Say a simple phrase” and complete the trigger fields using your own phrases, or copy those in the following example:

To help you getting started with MOTION Blinds and Google Assistant we have created a few standard IFTTT applets that you can use. Please find these on our MOTION Blinds IFTTT page.