Connect MOTION with Google Assistant


MOTION blinds can be connected to Google Assistant. Please follow the instruction step-by-step.
PLEASE NOTE: your MOTION Blinds bridge needs to be setup prior to connecting to Google Assistant.

Setup your Google Assistant

  • Open the Google Home application
  • Click on the "+ Add" button to connect MOTION Blinds
  • Choose " + Set up device"
  • Add an existing device. MOTION works with Google and has already been set up
  • Search for MOTION Blinds
  • Sign in with the MOTION Blinds account details that you are using for the MOTION Blinds smartphone application

Control your blinds with Google Assistant

Now your MOTION blinds are linked to your Google Home account. You are able to control your blinds with the Google Assistant. Simply press the microphone button or talk to your smart speaker to operate your blinds.

Voice commands

  • Open/Close [Blind name] - For example "Hey Google, open left roller blind"
  • Open/Close [Room name] - For example "Hey Google, close living room"
  • Open/Close [Blind name + percentage] "Hey Google, open left roller blind to 38%"
  • Turn on [Scene name] "Hey Google, turn on morning"

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